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Following a fire, our team will immediately access damage and may drill small holes in the sheeting to create airflow. Boarding up to protect against the elements and protect your personal property. 


Water extraction is a process that our team has gotten down to a science.  Using a balance of drying & dehumidification to expedite drying time to avoid microbial growth and damage to structure of your home. This process is crucial to allow before restoring home.

Air movement and dehumidification at high volumes is tantamount to removing moisture from your home or office. Our team has been trained to check moisture on a daily basis to insure and limit the amount of damage that would need to be demo and replaced.

An overwhelming task if you would have to do, but our experienced team will have all damaged materials safely disposed of in a timely manner.  
We are sensitive to your personal property and will take every precaution to ensure they are safely boxed and stored till we can move you back in.
Attention is given to ensure that affected materials affected by water or fire and smoke damaged are dealt with.

We will carefully inventory, move, clean and store your contents during the restoration process. 

Working closely with your insurance company we will be able to distinguish what can be restored and establish items needing replaced.

Please be assured that our team will treat your family’s contents as if they were our own.

Supplying electrical services will be established during this transition of restoration to access power to the job site.  Permanent services will be enabled upon completion to your residence.

This disaster often requires boarding up and immediate response.
Don’t hesitate to call Paul, unfortunately some of us have backed out of our homes without opening the garage door or didn’t put breaks on and plowed into our own homes.

Assessing a mold hazard is paramount to your health.
We have schooled experts who will locate and identify the extent of mold and mildew and start a protocol to ensure your safety for a clean and healthy environment.

In the event of a storm or fire many times we have to prop up a wall to support a damaged area so wall won’t collapse. 

Expert Fire and Water damage clean up in Idaho, Piper Construction is the leading restoration company in disaster restoration serving Idaho. Specializing in fire and water damage clean up, smoke damage and mold clean up.

As your local full service restoration contractor, Piper Construction can help you in any situation.

  • Did your bathtub overflow on to the floor?
  • Did you forget to open the flue of your fireplace before you lit the fire?
  • Did the grease in your pan get too hot and cause a fire?
  • Did your washing machine decide to wash your floor instead of your clothes?
  • Did the recent storm bring a tree down through your roof?
In these and many other scenarios – rely on Piper to mitigate the damage and start the repair process. Trust our over 21 years of experience to handle all aspects of the repair process, so you can get back to living!


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